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Pensacola Football Club was formed in 2013 as a soccer club in the National Premier Soccer League. The NPSL is a lower-level soccer league with 93 clubs as of the 2023 season. Pensacola FC competes as one of 6 teams in the Gulf Coast Division of the NPSL.

The club has switched leagues several times throughout the years, swapping back and forth between the Gulf Coast Premier League and the NPSL, but in 2021 Pensacola FC exclusively joined the NPSL, while the club also has a women’s team that competes in the GCPL’s women’s division.

The GCPL is another lower-level soccer league with men’s and women’s teams competing in the Gulf Coast region. PFC is also affiliated with a local soccer academy, also called the Pensacola Football Club, where they train future players. The mascot for the PFC is a Pelican, and the club is sometimes referred to as the Pelicans.

With the win, Pensacola FC claimed the 850 Cup championship for the third consecutive season.

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