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About Pensacola Football Club

Founded in 2013, Pensacola FC is the standard for semi-professional soccer excellence. Featuring stand-out local and regional men and women, Pensacola FC has captured national championships while competing in the most competitive semi-professional leagues. Pensacola FC is the apex soccer team in NW Florida for both men and women and, as such, serves as a vital hub for aspiring players seeking to grow and advance in soccer.

With a commitment to fostering talent and promoting the beautiful game, Pensacola FC provides a dynamic environment where athletes can hone their skills, compete against top-tier opponents, and pursue their dreams of reaching professional status.

Through its inclusive approach and dedication to player development, Pensacola FC continues to elevate the standard of soccer in the region while offering unparalleled opportunities for athletes to thrive on and off the field.

Men's Senior Team

For 2024, Pensacola FC will field two men’s teams. The senior men’s team competes in the National Premiere Soccer League (NPSL). The NPSL is considered to be the highest non-professional league within U.S. Soccer.

As part of the Gulf Coast Sunshine Conference, Pensacola FC will compete from New Orleans, Georgia, and throughout Florida.

Pensacola FC’s roster is filled with stand-out collegiate players from schools including University of West Florida. With a possession-based attacking style, Pensacola FC’s fun to watch soccer has propelled them into the playoffs the last two years, coming up just short of a championship in 2023.

Men's Academy Team

Pensacola FC’s second men’s team, the “Academy” team, is the gateway team for local players aspiring to play on the senior team and/or in college. Comprised of the best and brightest players from NW Florida, the Academy team competes in the Gulf Coast Premiere League 2 (GCL2), facing off against opponents across the Gulf Coast.

Coming off an undefeated 2023 season, expectations are high for this year’s Academy team!

Women's Senior Team

Like the men, for 2024, Pensacola FC will feature both a senior and Academy Women’s team.

Pensacola FC’s women have a pedigree that is unmatched among their peers. Boasting two National Championships, Pensacola FC has been the stand-out semi-professional soccer team in the South for nearly a decade.

In 2024, Pensacola FC will compete in the Gulf Coast Premiere League (GCPL). The senior team is filled with home-grown talent playing collegiately at the University of West Florida and schools around the country.

Women's Academy Team

Reflecting the depth of our local talent pool, Pensacola FC’s Academy team is expected to be strong competition for the senior team to capture the GCPL title.

The Academy team comprises of high school students from the local and surrounding areas. With an emphasis on player development, the Academy team provides a platform for area players as they prepare to compete at the collegiate level.