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Pensacola FC hosted Tallahassee SC in their 2023 NPSL Gulf Coast Conference home opener on May 13.  This game was looking like a very tricky encounter for both teams.  Tallahassee was coming into this game undefeated with a win and a draw in their previous two matches.  For Pensacola, they were looking to get their first win on opening day.  In the past two seasons they were only able to come away with draws against the same opposition.

The game started with lots of energy as both teams looked to control proceedings very early on.  Pensacola FC looked to have taken the upper hand as they controlled possession inside the first 15 minutes.  However, Tallahassee made it very difficult for the Pelicans to get in behind to create goal scoring chances.  Their sturdy defending kept Pensacola at bay.

Tallahassee started coming into their own, and their confidence in possession sometimes disorganized Pensacola’s midfield.  The ever-lively John Fitzgerald and Stafford Dowling were looking like the ones to create opportunities for the visitors.  Tallahassee’s defense was sturdy and the same can be said for Pensacola.  Marshaled in the back by a commanding Aaron Boateng, the Ghanaian was first to intercept every ball that was played into Pensacola’s box.

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